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Snail Mail Goodies

Some people dread getting the mail (with bills and all that junk) but not me!!!  I am always eagerly awaiting the mailman!  Even if I have to sort out all the bad to find one little piece of happiness, that's alright with me!!!  :-D 

Look what I got in my snail mail today!!!

A whole box of Mrs. Fields cookies FOR FREE!!!!  How did I get this?!?!?  Remember my post about signing up for a Mrs. Fields promotion & referring my friends here?

I also got a coupon for a FREE bag of M & M's!!!  How did I get this?!?!?  By signing up for a promotion for  a chance to win a FREE coupon--and I only signed up once (even though  you could sign up daily!)

See, there really are some sweet things in life that are FREE!!!

Did you score anything good in the mailbox?  Let us know!!!

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