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Catalina Coupons: When they don't print (Contact them!) . . .

If you ever do a grocery store deal that has the Catalina coupons (the ones that look like register tape that prints along with your receipt) and they don't print, here's what you can do:

1. You can go to the Customer Service desk at the grocery store
2. You can call Catalina Marketing company at 1-888-8COUPON
3. You can email them (this is my favorite!!!)
at    coupon @ catalinamarketing . com
(there is also an online comment form here that you can try as well, but I still recommend emailing through your personal email address).

Make sure you save your receipt. They will need most of the information from your receipt as well as your mailing information. They will also need to know the "deal" you were trying to get that did not print. For this reason, I would recommend hanging on to your grocery store's weekly ad (or wherever you have proof of the promotion that didn't print).

Recently in my area there was a General Mills promotion going on at Harris Teeter. You had to buy $20 worth of qualifying items . . . and then you were supposed to get $20 worth of coupons to use on future purchases! When I did this deal, nothing printed out. Sometimes I get inpatient waiting in line at Customer Service, so I went home and emailed Catalina. I just received an apology letter as well as the coupons via UPS this morning!  :-D 

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