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Cook With Me: Quick Indian Butter Chicken Recipe!

Today I'm making Indian Butter Chicken for dinner with the Kitchens of India packs I got on sale from Amazon! (Please note, these are not currently on sale. I will let you know when there's a killer price!) 
 I'm gonna take you step by step with me while I create this quick, delicious, & very affordable meal!
All you need are a few simple ingredients:
3 chicken breasts
3 T. butter
1 packet of Butter Chicken Curry paste
2/3 c. of water
Basmati rice

Start with one pack of Butter Chicken Curry paste.

I made them into small chunks using my kitchen scissors.
(I used 3 chicken breasts because the pack makes a lot of sauce.)

Add the chicken chunks in a pot with the curry paste, butter and water. Let it simmer (about 20 minutes). That's all! Yes, it's that easy . . . this is actually one meal I did not have to tweak at all!

 Then just serve a big scoop on a bed of basmati rice . . .and dinner is served!

Oh, and do not fear . . . if you forget the recipe it's right on the package! ;-)

You gotta make Basmati rice with this dish. Here is a step by step guide to perfect Basmati rice! The secret is to rinse & soak it. I always use less water than it says because I like it a little drier.

If you want to get all involved, you can make Indian Butter Chicken from scratch with this recipe at I've made this version before, and while it's very very good, it does take a long time to make. Make sure to read the first few reader reviews for extra special recipe tips!

Leftovers are great, too!


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  1. I've been wanting to try Butter Chicken. Yours looks so easy!