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***DEAD*** Amazon: EO French Lavender Bubble Bath 3 pack .96!!!!

THE DEAL IS DEAD!  :-(  Right now you can head on over to Amazon to snatch up an awesome deal on EO Bubble Bath in French Lavender for only .96!!!!  Yes, .96!!!!  This is for a 3 pack of 12 oz bottles!  And if you have Amazon Prime, then they ship for FREE!!!  That's only .32 a bottle!  This is a perfect filler item for gift baskets!


  1. wow great deal! How do you find theses type on cheap deals on amazon? Is there like a section where they have cheap markdowns?

  2. Hi! The best way to find the big discounts on Amazon is to look under the category you want and then search "by discount", which is normally found on the left hand side.

    For instance, let's say you want to find a woman's shirt . . . go to Amazon's homepage and search for "Women's Clothing". Scroll down just a little bit and you will see "Search by Discount" on the left. Choose "75% off or more". Then go to the right side of the screen and choose Sort By "Price: Low to High", which will display the lowest prices!!! :-D Plus, if you have Amazon Prime (free shipping), then I search even further and choose "Prime Eligible" on the left hand side to include only the deals that would be FREE SHIPPING!!! That's how I do it . . . hope that helps! Does anyone else know if there are any other secrets to finding the best deals on Amazon?