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FREE Salsa: Let's have a FIESTA!!!

Salsa is delicious . . . it's fresh, flavorful, calorie friendly, pretty, but most importantly it's DELICIOSO!!!!!! 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy it (other than with chips) is to put the whole jar in the crockpot with a few chicken breasts. Let it cook all day and shred it.  Then you have scrumptious chicken to use as nacho topping or taco filling, in burritos, and enchiladas or use it any way you want!  It's sooooo easy (& healthy)!!!

Here is a roundup of everything to have yourself one heck of a fiesta!!!!

This week (starting today!) you can head to Harris Teeter to score FREE Newman's Own Salsa!!!  It's on sale Buy One Get One Free . . . so use a coupon here for  .50 off one or .75 off one here and enjoy!!!  I love the mango salsa & the peach salsa! 

There's also a **caliente** coupon for Wholly Salsa if you head here and join the party!  The coupon is for $1.00 off and can also be used on guacamole or queso!!!!  I've never had their queso, but LOVE the salsa and guac . . . is it any good?

You gotta get some tortilla chips for all that salsa . . . make your way on over here and scroll about halfway down the page to get yourself a $1.00 off Grande Tortilla Chips coupon!  (Although it is from the Earth Fare website, it is in fact a Manufacturer Coupon, so there shouldn't be a problem using it anywhere)! Talk about a CRUNCHY DEAL!!! has even more to add to the party . . . check out the Chi-Chi's coupons. 1.00 off any 2 Chi-Chi's products and one for 1.00 off Chi-Chi's snackers (individual salsa cups!) and 1.00 off Chi-Chi's fiesta plates. (Use zip 27804 if you can't find 'em!)

Did you ever try using plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream to top off those nachos?  It works perfectly and tastes so good!  Plus, it's easy on your waistline!  Go right here to print off your coupon for .30 off Yoplait Greek yogurt cups!

Nobody would be happy if we forgot the cheese! Shredded cheese is a must, so head on over here to print your Kraft cheese coupon (good for $1.00 off 2 packages of Kraft natural shredded cheese)!

Now that you're in the mood to have a **fiesta**, head on over here to print your Goya coupons!  You'll find coupons for beans, rice, green olives and other necessities to make your meal complete!

Did I miss anything to add to the fiesta (other than some ice cold frozen margaritas?!?!)?  Let me know in the comments if you know of any other **caliente** finds!

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